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Fitting The DDS 300 and DDS Double Braces

Position the belt, completely deflated, within the concavity of the patient’s lumbar spine, so that the belt is sitting above the patients pelvic girdle (commonly known as the hip bones) and under their rib cage, making sure that the DDS patch center is over the part of the patients torso which protrudes the most, which is usually their navel. Secure the belt with both Velcro fasteners, keeping in mind that the belt can be secured fairly snug because as the belt is being inflated it will expand primarily vertically.Maximum recommended air pressure for the belt is 14 psi, which is clearly marked on the hand air pump pressure gauge.

Fitting The DDS OA KneeTrac Brace

If the Kneetrac is for the left leg then the measurements must be taken from the left leg. if the Kneetrac is for the right leg then the measurements must be taken from the right leg. Use the chart below for the correct size.